Thursday, August 14, 2008

Turkish intellectuals insist that the Ergenekon investigation dig deep

Bianet :: 300 Intellectuals Make A Declaration To Support Ergenekon Investigation

"According to the participants, “Ergenekon indictment has caught one of the arms of the octopus. However, it gives the impression that it will not try to catch the rest of the arms and the body. This suspicion should be addressed.” They believe that the opportunity to become a clean society, which was missed at Susurluk and Şemdinli [Amnesty report] incidents, may present itself one more time.

"Believing that the real winners in this case will be the citizens and “our democracy and future”, the intellectuals invite everyone who wants to live in a country where democracy, freedom and the rule of law are upheld to follow the case closely."

One Washington-based writer has written that the te Ergenekon indictments represent an AKP ploy, but on-the-ground scholars and informed Turks reject such speculation.

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