Thursday, March 19, 2009

Israeli war crimes in Gaza discussed among Israeli soldiers--Defense Ministry conducting inquiry.

This is unlikely to stem the international pressure for action, but will only lend corroboration to the accusations that have been made.
Le Figaro - International : Gaza : des soldats israéliens témoins de crimes de guerre: "L'information fait jeudi la une des sites Internet israéliens. Des soldats de Tsahal se seraient rendus coupables durant l'opération «Plomb durci», menée contre le Hamas dans la bande de Gaza, d'exactions à l'encontre de populations palestiniennes. Déjà au moment du conflit, des témoignages émanant de populations palestiniennes faisaient état d'actes contraires aux conventions sur la guerre. C'est en revanche la première fois que ces témoignages proviennent directement de soldats israéliens."

BBC coverage.

One of my earlier posts on the war crimes issue, in this case from January 2009.

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C U Vaird said...

The virtual global silence that has followed the wanton killing of more than 400 defenceless children, plus hundreds of women and civilian men in Gaza, is deafening! I have tried to come up with a logical explanation of why democratic nations such as Britain, France, Germany, Spain, the EU,Canada and Australia can possibly ignore this atrocity and continue to supply Israel with yet more arms and munitions with which to kill yet more innocent men, women and children - but I have failed. For there is no answer other than an extraordinary facility of nation states to become voluntarily unseeing.

That is how history has documented the previous dehumanizing of a whole people prior to the atrocities that in the case of Gaza, and Lebanon, were carried out in the clear view of a world that strangely became blind to the blood and the cries of the dying. There is no explanation and no words to describe how this can happen in the 21st century - no words.

The Israeli ministers responsible are still at large and should be arrested on charges of war crimes.

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