Thursday, August 27, 2009

Laura Secor on Iran's show trials

The spectacle of Iran's inept trials may well be the image that survives this summer. We watched a ruling apparatus committed first and foremost to its survival and so blinded by its ideological posturing that it is probably incapable of understanding how contemptible it appeared not just to western audiences but to Third world opinion.

There will be much to discuss after the August doldrums, including the hardening of the U.S. policy orientation to Iran. The U.S. will squeeze harder on Iran for a variety of reasons, including: the Iran's unimpeded nuclear program, Iran's spurning of the U.S. offer to dance, and the need to compensate Israel for something that looks like a freeze in the continuing expansion and construction of illegal settlements. No doubt, there will be an attempt for a tougher UNSC resolution, as well as an effort to exploit Iran's dependence on imported gasoline.

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