Saturday, September 26, 2009

Biblical support for the Walzer-Margalit essay, earlier referenced here

In light the important Goldstone report and earlier reports on the Gaza war*, it is apt to also recall the important essay by Michael Walzer and Avishai Margalit, which takes the Israeli army to task for failing to applying different standards of non-combatant immunity to Palestinian as opposed to Israeli civilians. If you have not read the essay, you will find the links in the following posts.

The Walzer-Margalit essay.

*Euphemistically described by the NYTimes as a "crackdown on Hamas", in a profile of Michael Oren, the U.S.-born Israeli Ambassador in Washington. The piece reads as though from an Hadassah magazine, and includes a comment from an associate at Georgetown U. who strains credulity by noting that former U.S. citizen was not ideological in his writings.

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