Thursday, January 27, 2011

Egypt's Yaum al-Ghadib: Speaking Truth to Power.

Thanks to J.
 Overview (in Turkish) of the reverberations of Tunisia's revolution in the Arab world.

Read Yasmine al-Rashidi's essay on NYReview of Books blog.  She cites the gutsy rap by Egyptian rapper Rami Donjiwan. The song is "against the government" song, for which the opening lines are:

Against the the government, against the Government.
Against the government, against the thugs and injustice.
Against the ruler and the government, and the long road of injustice.
Against the government and I have a 1,000 proofs.

Closing with:
Against the government and the one who accepts humiliation.

Meanwhile, VP Joe Biden calls on Pres. Mubarak to respond to the legitimate demands for change, and adds that he does think of Mubarak as a dictator.  Let's be serious: The prospect that Mubarak will respond substantively to widespread demands for change is very unlikely.  

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