Saturday, July 02, 2011

Egypt's Christian minority after the Imbaba clashes

This essay in the NY Review of Books offers a good sampling of Coptic concerns about the rising profile of Egyptian Islamist groups, including Salafists, as well as efforts by the Ikhwan to mitigate those concerns.

However, there is one error in the piece by Yasmine el-Rashidi, namely that the author asserts that Rafiq Habib, the Christian intellectual who was an original member of Hizb al-Wasat and is now aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, is challenging his father, the Bishop Samuel Habib.
She writes: "Many say Habib likes to provoke his father, a conservative Christian preacher." 
This cannot be so, on this plane of existence at least, because Samuel Habib died in 1997.  I interviewed the elder Habib in the 1990s.

Excerpts from my interview with the younger Habib appear in my contribution to Remaking Muslim Politics.  The contents of the chapter are found here.

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