Sunday, February 09, 2014

Boston University Institute for Iraqi Studies announces Beth Murphy is new Non-Resident Visual Arts Fellow

I am glad to share the news that Beth Murphy has been named a Visiting Researcher at BostonU and a Non-Resident Visual Arts Fellow of the Institute. Beth is a creative, morally-engaged and successful film-maker, who is the founder of the aptly named Principle Pictures.
If you have been following the activities of the Institute, you will know that one of her films, "The List" was premiered by IISBU last year.  "The List" addresses the plight of Iraqis who worked with the occupation forces in Iraq, and then were often left high and dry when the U.S. withdrew its forces.  The film chronicles the impressive efforts of Kirk Johnson to help former interpreters and others who worked with the U.S. forces win a visa for U.S. residency.

Her already impressive filmography includes an impressive lists of credits for her work as Producer, Director, Writer and Editor. In the coming days a more formal biography will be published on the IISBU website.
Beth is heading off to the University of Basra where she will be in residence for several months. Upon her return, she has agreed to shared her reflections about Iraq at IISBU.

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