Sunday, February 23, 2014

First-rate rate commentary on Egypt

Emad Shahin's concise commentary very well captures Egypt's fascist moment, as well as the profound economic problems facing the country, which are completely unaddressed and will no doubt surface repeatedly in strikes and rising discontent as the infatuation with Napoleon al-Sisi fades.  Shahin urges the U.S. to state the obvious, namely that Egypt is on a path away from democracy.  Since U.S. law requires certification of democratic progress as a sine qua non of continuing aid, such a finding would force a suspension of aid.  Given the unseemly rhetorical somersaults the Obama administration took last summer to avoid calling a coup a coup, I only expect that the administration will continue embarrassing itself vis-a-vis Egypt by validating the military government's avowals of its commitment to elections.

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