Monday, February 07, 2011

Vice President Omar Suleiman: in touch?

Egypt must wait for a culture of democracy to develop.
Only what Mubarak says is possible, is possible.
The demonstrators are part of the Islamic current.
The ideas for reform came from abroad, not from Egypt.
People should go back to work.


Anonymous said...


I was in your a class of yours at USMA some 22? years ago. I enjoyed it. I learned. Thank you.

There are a dozen plus memories, but there is one in particular that prompts me. It still provides a warm hearted chuckle.

Whenever you introduced a guest speaker, you did so with such fulsome (and I don't mean that in an ironic sense) praise.

Here was an esteemed colleague that you managed to entice to speak to (almost always) a pretty small group. The reward wasn't the pitiful stipend (I hope they got mileage and a per diem?) or the stupid gift (I don't want that to sound mean), but they were passionate and relished the opportunity to speak to people who may, however tangentially, be involved with policy in a region of interest.

Anyway. Your introductions were so magnificent, so generous, so affectionate, I commend you these many years later. Eloquence escapes me, but I felt the same thing then, (as a kid in your class) as I do now. That says something about something.

Regards, USMA class of 88

PS I think you refunded the 35 cents (or whatever) that you received in royalties from having your book on the syllabus. I still feel like an idiot for holding my hand out to take the coins, but you did seem to enjoy doing it, so maybe I helped give you a small moment, not nearly like the ones you gave me. But there it is.

arn said...

Dear Class of '88 commenter,

On an icy February morning in Boston your note warmed my heart. Thank you for reminding me why I love what it is I do.

Wherever you may be, Godspeed.

Beat Navy and all that,