Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hamza Hendawi on the generals' moves in Egypt

"Taking advantage of the political vacuum created by the massive demonstrations, the military swiftly moved to settle old scores with two main rival groups. One consists of the mogul businessmen-politicians who have over the past decade rallied around Mubarak's powerful son Gamal to dominate society, causing friction with the military's own economic interests.

"The second is Mubarak's ruling National Democratic Party, in which the younger Mubarak rapidly rose through the ranks to become its de facto leader."

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Monem Shafik said...

Those facts are leading to give the military chance to take over the presidency after Mobarak.

Soliman Omar(was the head of the intelligence & was the most trusted person to mobarak) his name almost disappeared from the news and I expect his name will be kept away from the news for sometime??.