Saturday, February 18, 2012

"I was shot by an Israeli sniper."--Anthony Shadid

Shadid was shot by the sniper in 2002 while reporting from Ramallah.  Compare this to the way the shooting was covered by the NYTimes (this convenient aloofness from key facts has also been noted by As'ad AbuKhalil).
"He was no stranger to injury, harassment and arrest. In 2002, while working for The Globe, he was shot and wounded in the shoulder as he walked on a street in Ramallah [ital. added], in the Israeli-occupied West Bank."
The Shadid quote [starts at about 41:30 in the interview] is from a fascinating interview conducted by Chris Lydon with lots of commentary by Anthony Shadid about Iraq,  how well or poorly Americans understand the Middle East, press bias, the chimera of objectivity, and his career.

[This 2002 piece by Sherry Ricchiardi titled "Bullying the Press" is relevant.]

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Anonymous said...

"I was shot by an Israeli sniper... in the back."

Jump to around 41:30 in that interview.